About Us

Board of Directors

André Michaux

André is a biologist and explorer who has collected specimens in Europe, Iran, the United States and Canada. He is a professor at the University de La Salle where he co-founded the Institute for Canadian Cryptozoology.

Anne L. Jack

Anne is a writer and biologist who is internationally known for her work on small Canadian mammals. She lives in Chateaugay, Quebec, where her garden gives shelter to many of the species she has written about. Her best-known work is Life in the Canadian Kitchen: A Pocket Help for the Amateur.

Baldur Stefansson

Baldur is the director of cryptozoology at the Royal Ottawa Museum. He traces his love of house hippos to the well-known "Hinterland Who's Who" series that aired on Canadian television from the 1960s to the 2010s.


David Fife, Executive Director

Formerly the director of the Triticale Historical Monument in Otonabee, Upper Canada, David has a PhD in cryptobiology from Macoun University. He is passionate about spreading the word about house hippos to all Canadians.

Frances Bain, Director of Programming

Born in the red mud of Prince Edward Island, Frances spent her early life collecting marine fossils. Today she works with museums, zoos and other organizations to help promote awareness of the house hippo.